Geraakt is an animation series of intimate stories in times of distance

Coming together, hugging and sitting side by side in the open air. These are all things that were so naturally to us, but they are not anymore. For our own safety and the safety of others we are keeping distance, physical distance. The corona crisis has a big influence on our lives and mood, because as a human being we are not made to go trough life without physical touch. If we don’t touch in a long time this can cause skin hunger, a strong longing for human touch. In my work ‘Geraakt’, I tell intimate stories in times where we have to miss this kind of close contact. Stories that comfort, connect and take you on a journey, just for a moment.


Dit zegt alles

De Ijsmakers

An animation based on the dutch novel De Ijsmakers, written by Ernest van der Kwast

Client: Boek in Beeld

Silk screen printed promotion bags for the book

Ceramic on the Spot

Promotion animation for the exposition Ceramic on the Spot – Feel the EKWC vibe

Client: Willem Twee

A Touching Symphony

When I speak, you listen,
and when you do, I see,
but when my hand is holding yours, you will definitely hold me too,
We give and take
from each other as we do,
and for now,
that’s all I ask from you

Client: Personal project

The act of touching one another is one of the most intens forms of communication. This is due to the fact that people will, inescapably, give and take at the same time. Nowadays, physical touching is becomming less and less common, even though it is very important for humanity. A touch can tell one someting about themselves as well as about the other. It shows how people relate to one another. It can tell stories and set tings in motion.

What if...

What if… robots could choose their own appearance in the future? Dress themselves en decided how they look? Would we accept this, let them surprise us. Or will we get too close and control it

Welcome to the Machine

Promotion video for a New Years Eve event 2020
In collaboration with Laura Zoon

Client: Willem Twee


Animation for the 25 years anniversary of museum De Pont, based on a work from their collection: Exposed Painting Green Lake by Callum Innes

Client: De Pont